Texas Pedal Tours is a new, fun, and exciting pedal-shuttle touring company operating in Galveston, TX.  It’s simply the most exciting entertainment party on-wheels to arrive in the area.

The Texas Pedal Tour logo and other shuttle graphics and features capture the essence of Texas. Anyone who visits or lives in Texas knows Texas is about Texas–its flag, its colors and the Lone Star.  And the best way to describe the shuttle and its amenities is “Big as hell and half of Texas.”  The founders, designers, and manufacturers took special care in developing a premium pedal-shuttle that is equipped with the safest, most durable and highest quality equipment available.

At Texas Pedal Tours we pride ourselves in many things, the most of which are quality customer service,  fun and happy memories.  We offer both pre-planned tours as well as tours to the most sought-after locations in Galveston.  So, if you’re looking for something different to celebrate a special occasion such as a graduation, bachelorette/bachelor party, team-builder, social mixer, or ceremony, contact us and we’ll do our best to fit you into your desired date.

Lastly, please take note of the United States flag on one side of the shuttle, this is to honor all the military, law enforcement and first-responders who proudly protect the freedom that allowed us to build our dream.


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